After the untimely disappearance of an egyptian prince, prince Knut (harhar) finds himself transported by witchery to the twenty-first century, where he must find out the truth of his murder and defeat the sorcerer who binds him to a stranger- a girl named Zanae.
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smoking boi...

*sigh* my friends unfortunatley interpreted Ch3p7 in a sexual context- it is not...sexual...nurr
I'm eating sliced mango...XD nice
anywayy, my art teach gave me an interesting look when she saw that page..what is wrong with peoples minds X___X
thanks go out to Nekomata for reminding me about Ch3p5 and 2,6 I should get more sleep and then hopefully I'll be able to concentrate on what i'm doing..not likely.


ooh la la first news post and not much in the way of news down this way. Except I'm going to complain about how freaking windy it is...gales coming off the naki' mountain and all. (NZ is cold atm) Anyway as for Cairos related news, I'll be re-doing the first few icky pages when I can be bothered x_x I'm making all the chapters v short because I forget everything and its just easier for me that way x3

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